Monday, December 16, 2013

MX Player Pro v1.7.21 APK

MX Player Pro v1.7.21 APK


MX Player Pro
MULTI-CORE DECODING - MX Video Player is the first Android video player that performs multi-core decoding. According to the test results on dual-core devices, it shows up to 70% performance improvement than single-core devices.

CPU OPTIMIZATION - Provides highly optimized CODECs and Rendering Engines for the processors including ARM® NEON™ and NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2.

MULTI-TOUCH VIDEO ZOOM CONTROL - Zoom while playing your video in and out using multi-touch gestures.

SUBTITLE SCROLL - Scroll on subtitle text and playback position will be adjusted to match previous or next subtitle timing.

BETTER SUBTITLE READABILITY - Increased subtitle readability with thicker border and shadow around text.


Supported File Types :
  • SubRip(.srt) 
  • Sub Station Alpha(.ssa/.ass) 
  • MicroDVD(.sub/.txt) 
  • SubViewer2.0(.sub) 
  • SAMI(.smi/.sami) 
  • MPL2(.mpl/.txt) 
  • PowerDivX(.psb/.txt) 
  • TMPlayer(.txt) 
  • Matroska (.mkv) Subtitle Track. (text, ass/ssa only) 
What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 15, 2013)
  • Fixed crashing on some Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Download :  7Mb APK

BSPlayer v1.13.165 APK

BSPlayer v1.13.165 APK
This is the full, ad-free version of BSPlayer with additional functionality.
BSPlayer is the best media player for Android smartphones and tablet PCs (average user rating 4.6/5), supporting hardware accelerated video decoding.
  • No advertisements
  • Audio pre-amplification
  • Hardware accelerated video playback - significantly increases playback speed and reduces battery consumption*
  • Support for almost all media files (video and audio player), such as: avi, divx, flv, mkv, mov, mpg, mts, mp4, m4v, rmvb, wmv, 3gp, mp3... and streaming content such as RTMP, RTSP, MMS (tcp, http), HTTP Live stream, HTTP.
  • aspect-ratio adjustements and zoom
  • Multiple audio streams and subtitles.
  • supports gestures for Seek, Jump, Brightness and Volume control
  • Playlist support and various playback modes.
  • support for audio headsets
  • External and embedded subtitles ssa/ass, srt, sub...
  • Automatic subtitle search (mobile or wi-fi connection must be enabled to work)
  • Playback media files such as videos and mp3's directly via Wi-Fi from your LAN shared drives/folders (such as external USB drives, SMB shares, PC shared folders, NAS servers (Synology and others)) - no need to convert video files and copy media files to SD card anymore! 
  • Playback files directly from uncompressed RAR files and much more!
This package includes support for ARMv7 with VFP and NEON. For other CPU types please download appropriate package. Application will notify you which package you need.

NOTE: When reporting error please add info about your smartphone brand and model. Also you can send us more detailed bug report on e-mail We are trying to improve the player for the users and your feedback is appreciated.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded from BSPlayer website.

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 16, 2013)
  • folders weren't properly refreshed when returning from preferences, fixed
  • added option to go back to playback screen when playing in background
  • fixed 'double play' problem when started from external application and device was rotated
  • fixed playback problem with some http streams
  • playback speed is now remembered
Required Android O/S : 4.0+

Download SIZE6Mb APK

SD DATA Placement

Currently in inida is blocked.
So send us mail of link(our post/ link
) we try to convert that post to normal zippyshare link


for Most Gameloft games u have to place the sddata under
(ex: Assasins creed, Gangstar westcoast, splintercell more Gameloft android games)


for EA Games (ex: PES2012, NBA JAM, NFS shift more EA android games )


if sddata is (com.developer.gamename...)
it may be under (depending on content)


-- if content is *.obb files

(ex Virtua Tennis , Front line commando, London Olympics,mini moto ,dead trigger and more android Games sddata)
place them under


-- if content is not *.obb files
(ex:Shadowgun,sixguns,shark dash and more android games sddata)


Installation help

For any Gameloft/EA/other vendors.

1.install apk first(do not open the game)
2.Then place SD-data now
3.Open the game
3.1 if the game doesn't recognize any SD-data(size) placed
3.2install the TI-backup file (if any) and Try

4.If nothing works mail us @

we help within 72hrs